We provide you with simple plans and projects for your business success.

We sell action plans (one hour targeted improvement experiences, such as “Build an Online Merchant Portal” and “Podcast Jumpstart.”)

We sell projects (four to eight week deeper processes, such as “Earn More Customers” and “Content Marketing Master Class.”)

We also provide OwnerFUEL, free motivation and business advice via our newsletter, our blog, and podcast.

And we also do in-person events, as well as speak at other people’s events.

Chris Brogan

Chris Brogan (photo credit Vendela Media) I’m Chris Brogan, CEO of Owner Media Group. I’m also the New York Times bestselling author of eight books and counting, including the forthcoming Insider: Strategies and Secrets for Business Growth in the Age of Distractions. .

I have spoken for or consulted with the biggest brands you know, including Disney, Coke, Google, GM, Microsoft, Coldwell Banker, Titleist, Scotts, Humana Health, Cisco, Sony USA, and many more. I’ve appeared on the Dr. Phil Show, interviewed Richard Branson for a cover story for Success magazine, and even presented to a Princess once. People such as Paulo Coelho, Harvey Mackay, and Steven Pressfield enjoy sharing their projects and best ideas with me, because they know I’ll share them with you. Tony Robbins had me on his Internet Money Masters series. Forbes listed me as one of the “Must Follow Marketing Minds of 2014,” plus listed my website as one of the 100 best websites for entrepreneurs. Statsocial rated me the #3 power influencer online.

My speaker information is here.

I live in northern Massachusetts. Between Jacq and me, we have three kids who love anime and all kinds of weird Internet memes.

Rob Hatch

Rob HatchRob Hatch is the President and co-founder of Owner Media Group Inc.

He is the author of three courses, including one of their most popular course on productivity, Work Like You’re On Vacation. He is also an executive coach and speaker.

Rob writes a weekly newsletter on the topics of productivity, personal management and success.

He has over 20 years of experience leading organizations and businesses; working in large corporations, entrepreneurial ventures, and directing a non-profit organization serving children with special needs.

Rob lives in Maine where he trains for triathlons and enjoys life with his wife and four children.

Ron Hood

Ron Hood is the Director of Owner Services for Owner Media Group. He is the most thorough, organized and caring person you’ll ever meet. He’s also an internationally renowned PEZ collector, an amateur weather reporter, and man of mystery. Ron also controls our calendars. If he says no, it’s no. Contact Ron directly – ronhood @ ownermag . com

Disclosures and Relationships

Chris, Rob, and Owner Media Group have affiliations and business relationships with several other companies. You can rest assured that if we are promoting something, it’s because we like the product or service and we trust the company/people behind it.

Some of our relationships:

There may be more as we add them in.

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