As we roll into 2017, it’s a whole new world out there. There are more challenges. There are more distractions. There’s a lot of uncertainty. And there are some great opportunities.

What will YOU do with it all?

How will you navigate all the challenges and opportunities in front of you? What’s your plan for picking YOUR path and staying on course? How are you going to make this year the success you want it to be?

Life gets in the way some times

I’m a lot like you. I’ll get a big idea, but then life will get in the way. I’ll start things and stop them. My big plans get scuttled, just like yours. And just like you, sometimes my confidence takes a big hit and it feels hard to start again.

Join me for Brave New Year!

I’ve got simple plans and tools for you. This is real stuff for everyday life and work. We’re not going to dream. We’re not going to crush or hustle anything. We’re here to work and move forward.

Brave New Year is a simple course built for action. In it, we’ll cover a mix of concepts and actions you can take to move forward. You and I will go after specific challenges.

  • How can I improve my confidence?

  • How do I find myself when I feel lost?

  • What will keep me on the path?

I’ve been at this kind of work for years. Other owners like you have taken a previous version of this course and shared their experiences, which helped me make this one even better!

What Does Brave New Year Look Like?

It’s a four module course delivered via video with related downloads. I know you’re busy. This whole thing is bite-sized for you. But there’s enough for you to work with, that’s for sure.

You have access to this material to learn at your own pace. If you need to pause for a few weeks, that’s fine. The course will be here.

What’s the agenda?

BNY00 - Bravery as a Success Driver - a quick introduction (plus we’ll review your 3 Words for 2017)

BNY01 - The Power of Your CAPE - (it’s an acronym!)

BNY02 - Action Stacks - how can you get more done? This is the secret

BNY03 - The 20 Minute Plan - an overview of a powerful toolset (if you’ve taken the 20 Minute Plan JUMPSTART, this is an abbreviated version of that)

BNY04 - Reach More People - one secret to a better year is to connect with more people that you hope to serve. I’ll help.

Brave New Year kicks off your 2017 by looking at your goals, working on your skills, and setting you on a bulletproof path. You can pick up this course as a standalone product, or you can add the incredible value of becoming an Owner Insider to get this course PLUS our private group coaching experience, to deepen the learning and further support your growth.

If you have any questions, hit reply. If you’re ready to make 2017 a very successful year, join me for Brave New Year! We start the first week of January so save your seat!

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Brave New Year

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