Owner Action Systems - Live Event

September 24th, 2016 - Portland, Maine

How Would This Feel?

Imagine what it feels like to feel confident in your actions and decisions. Imagine replacing worry with the decisive knowledge of what comes next for you. What if you could move beyond “winging it” and “just managing” to a place of “I’ve got this!” and “Okay, now let’s smash these goals!”

We’ve Saved You A Seat

Join an intimate group of owners like you for the Owner Action Systems live event. Meet and spend time with Chris Brogan, Rob Hatch, Ron Hood, and a lot of the owners you’ve come to know as we map out an amazing experience dedicated to equipping you for success in your life and in your business.

Picture This

Owner Action Systems is set against the backdrop of the the amazing Agents of Change event in Portland on September 23rd, where you can see Chris speak. You can see and meet legends like John Lee Dumas, handsome Rich Brooks, and the other great people Rich has put together for his event.

Then, you hang out with smart people if you love that sort of thing, or go hide in your room (if you’re a bit more introverted like me). This happens in Portland, Maine, a small easy-to-reach city available via jet, where you can avail of lobster (yum!), fall foliage (if the season starts a bit early), fun shopping in quaint little shops on cobblestone roads (I’m totally into this - “I” being Chris), and restaurants galore (if not seafood, I love the bacon crusted fries at Nosh).

Then, go to sleep already! You’re going to be busy.

Our day together on the 24th starts off with a view into who you are (shy people - you’ll be okay, I promise!), a mapping of your larger story, and then we’ll move into the actionable specifics that will set you on a path to confidence and more wins on your board.

When you have completed this event, you'll have a 3-6 month action plan and related systems in place to accomplish goals and commitments you set during the event.

What will make this event unlike most anything you’ve ever attended is that it’s built from start to finish to map to YOU and to YOUR business and life needs. We start from mutual places but everyone’s plan will be their own. The end results will be amazing.

You then can either head home on Saturday night, or take the extra day and explore a bit more of amazing Maine! This state is the size of France, and boasts great mountains, rivers, the Atlantic ocean, and a wide variety of ways to enjoy yourself.

Connect With Owners

Another detail that makes the Owner Action Systems live event different and amazing is YOU. We will work with everyone to build connections while you’re here. You’ll pick an accountability buddy and make commitments to yourself and to this person so that what you learn at the event doesn’t stop when you get back on the plane.

Our intent is to help you connect up with an accountability partner that will help you stay attached to your plans and execution over the coming months, which means that all the information you gather at this event is built to stick.

(Have you ever attended some event, become really excited about what you learned, and then forgot about it the moment you got back to “reality?” We refuse to let that happen.)

Also, Rob and I will schedule some group follow-ups online for everyone who comes to the event.

This event is completely built to help you win. We are with you every step of the way. You’ve got this!

Want to See the Agenda?

The day starts at 8:30am, with a few opening remarks, an exercise about connecting with your bigger goals and intentions and making sure it maps to your life and family. And we’ll work with very brief breaks as we roll through all kinds of stuff (peek below).

We’ll break for lunch (instead of stinky conference food, we’ll buy your lunch) around 12. You get an hour and a half to eat, connect with new friends. Hide and recharge. Shop. Whatever makes it work.

At 1:30, we start again. There’ll be a lot to cover as we get really deep into the guts of this all. We’ll end around 5pm. Then, you’re allowed to hang out with your new best friends, jump on a flight back home, or sneak off and see some more of Portland, yo.

Here's the sketch of the event.


The pricing is fairly straightforward. We’ve built the event for Owner Insiders first and foremost. You’ll see that reflected in our pricing structure:

→ Insider Early Bird - $795

→ Insider Last Call - $995

→ General Early Bird - $1295

→ General Last Call - $1495

If you upgrade to Owner Insider now and get the early bird rate, you’ll save $700 over non-Insiders who buy in the last few weeks of the event. Almost 50% less.

Within this price, we will provide you take home materials, a meal (maybe two), and lots and lots more value (some will be announced on site).

Our Best Event Ever

The Owner Action Systems live event builds upon years of our experience in helping owners just like you work beyond where you are now. Develop your confidence through creating a solid and specific plan of action and creating a net of people dedicated to helping you accomplish your goals.

This is it. This is your “find the next gear” moment. And we’re here to equip you to win. You can NOT experience this event and come out the other side unhappy, because you’ll define what you take from the event and we’ll get you there. I promise this is the time.

Are you IN?.