Content Marketing is About Earning the Right to Sell and Serve

Blogging, email marketing, podcasting, and all this new stuff like live video streaming seems to really complicate the landscape when what you really want hasn’t changed all that much: to get more people to look at what you have to offer and determine if there’s a match.

The Gurus Have Really Filled Your Plate, Haven’t They?

If you follow the advice of all these blogging and podcasting and live video wizards, you’re probably blogging once or twice a day, writing entire series of email newsletters, have two podcasts, a YouTube channel, and you can’t wait to Periscope/Blab/Meerkat the night away.

But what, if any of that, has anything to do with building business? How does adding so many hours of work every day help you succeed?

I’ve Got a Simple, Repeatable Plan for You

I created this Content Marketing Plan Builder to be a mix of simple, helpful, and repeatable. The goals are business minded. There’s no fluff here. I want to help you earn the right to sell and serve.

Here’s the nine part project plan:

Every week, give me between 20 and 40 minutes, and I’ll walk you through a concept, some examples, and a process, and I’ve give you actionable plans that put together the puzzle for content marketing and get you on the road to making business success happen.

How It Works

When you sign up to the Content Marketing Plan Builder, you’ll receive login credentials so you can access the secure project plan and all the related downloadable files and materials. Like I said, you’ll get the next module one week from when you received the first, and so on, until graduation. 

Over 17 Years Experience (and Counting)

I’ve worked in content marketing of one kind of another since 1998, when it was called “journaling.” I’ve had successful podcasts, a thriving email newsletter, and a business that uses the plan laid out in the Content Marketing Master Class materials to earn success both for myself and the business owners I serve.

Companies like Coke and Google and Microsoft and many more have trusted my advice and opinions. Join up and put me to work helping you execute a plan for your own success.

Great for Solo, Small, and Midsized Businesses Alike

If you’re a one-person shop, you’ll do great with this project. If you have one or two partners, or a hundred, or even five hundred, this is the project you’ll want. (Anything larger, and you’ll need a different project with all the various corporate hooks and safeties built in.)

Launch or Relaunch Your Content Marketing Success Today

As you work through this project, we’ll be doing an overall (or a fresh launch, depending on where you are) of all your core content marketing efforts:

  • Blogging

    How to work smarter, and earn more people to your primary point of contact.

  • Email Marketing

    The four main messages and how to build a thriving list of happy buyers.

  • Podcasting, Photos, and Video

    Are you ready to earn some non-traditional audiences with your great entertainment?

  • Webinars

    Earn the right to sell and serve, instead of pushing fluff and boring pitches.

No Wasted Steps. No “Shooting at Everything That Moves.” Pure Strategy. Simple Tactics. This is the Good Stuff.

Join me for Content Marketing Plan Builder and get started today. We have two pricing options listed below. You can see that I’ve priced this so that you can afford this. I’ve built it so that it takes 20-40 minutes to absorb each module of the project. This is engineered for your success.

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