“You live or die by your database” was the second piece of advice Jeff Pulver said to me before we went to work together back in 2006-2007.

He meant that if you care and nurture a list of people subscribed to your newsletter, and if you treated them like the most important people in your world, that you’d earn the right to sell and serve those people, and keep your business thriving.

A Simple Framework To Learn and Execute

What we’ve come to learn over the last handful of years is that people tackled the online portion of building their businesses in ways that were both far too time-consuming and also ineffective. Maybe that happened to you: you were told to “get on” all these various social networks, told to “make content” and told you could expect some sales.

And not much happened, right?

Earn More Customers

We’ve learned a lot as to why that is. Here are a few notes:

  • There’s a difference between non-converting and converting media. Both are necessary, but most people have the wrong balance.

  • Email marketing, done properly, accounts for a very huge amount of your potential sales revenue.

  • Any day not spent growing your list is a day where you’re losing sales potential.

  • 80% of sales come after the fifth “touch.” Sometimes as many as eleven or more touches if the product is expensive or complex.

  • Our framework works for selling yourself, a product, a service, or something in the physical world.

  • While there are some differences between business-to-business and business-to-consumer, most of our methods translate to both.


I want to share with you how that all gets done, but the last thing I want to do is overwhelm you.

That’s why we’ve been working to give you a course experience that will be both a “lay of the land” kind of explanation, plus a “paint by numbers” operations methodology that you can use to adapt and execute for your own business.

A Simple Plan and One Built for Busy People

  • Welcome - EMC00

    (this is just the housekeeping and login information)

  • The List Is Everything - EMC01

    the mindset part of the course, plus some starting details.

  • Online Platform Map Plus Measurement (our two metrics - #$)- EMC02

    the guide to help you set up the right technology to get going (a few options based on your needs).

  • A Nimble Operations Plan - EMC03

    This is the execution plan for the whole process.

  • Smart Growth Strategy - EMC04

    Any day not spent growing your list is a day your list is dwindling. But you also have to nurture who’s there.

  • Your Home Base and Selling - EMC05

    I’ve learned a lot over the last few years about conversion, sales pages, and more.

  • Blogging and Email Marketing - EMC06

    How does non-converting and converting content drive your business? And what’s the right mix?

  • List Building Methodology - EMC07

    This is everything we’ve learned from our experience, plus a chance to bump up your numbers in an ethical and slightly faster way.

  • New Approaches to Social Networks - EMC08

    I’ve been in various online communities since the 1990s. I watched lots of people jump into “social” and see little to no results. I’ll share everything I know to help you fix all that and get some yield from your efforts.

  • Offline to Online and Back - EMC09

    Whether you run a brick and mortar business, or if your mostly online business takes you out to events in the real world, here’s where we help with that.

  • Graduation and Extra Credit- EMC10

    Our courses aren’t for credit, but we do give you a graduation ceremony plus ways to “earn extra credit” with some extras and upgrades

And that’s how the course will come to you, at least content-wise

Our Projects at Owner Media Group

No matter which of our projects you take at Owner Media Group, the following details are true:

  • Start when you’re ready.

  • Review the material as often as you’d like (it only expires if I do, or the Internet goes dark).

  • Bite-sized for busy people.

  • Templates & walkthroughs for your to follow.

  • Powered by community (we have a nice private group for you to participate in, if you want to REALLY thrive).

  • You always get upgrade materials for FREE when they appear.

  • The earlier you get in, the better the deal.

  • You always have access to me (via email).

What You'll Receive with Earn More Customers

  • A framework for your own media/community/marketplace growth.

  • 9 instructional modules (mostly video with some other downloads).

  • Handouts, worksheets, templates.

  • Tech walkthroughs.

  • Interviews with experts smarter than us.

  • A private learning community.

  • Upgrades to the course for LIFE (or until the internet or I die.)

You’ll get the welcome email right after you sign up, and that’ll explain where to register and log-in and all that to have your accounts ready to go.

You have immediate access the first module. And then you can work through each module at your own pace.

Earn More Customers

Immediate Access to hours of video and resource downloads.

Access to a community specifically focused on Earn More Customers

A clear plan to grow your list and earn the customers you need.