We launched a series of mini-courses over the past year that are quickly becoming our most popular method for getting results. Our JUMPSTART series consists of specific, step-by-step video instruction with downloadable templates. Our goal is to give you the right information PLUS a healthy dose of ACTION to get you started on whatever challenge you face.

We normally charge $200 for our JUMPSTARTS. But for ONE WEEK, we are offering EACH one for only $100.

20 Minute Plan JUMPSTART

Improve your productivity

Increase your Focus

Four Video Modules help you prioritize

Downloadable Templates INCLUDING our 20MP Wins Sheet!


Learn How to use Webinars to grow your business

Two Video Modules

Downloadable Templates

Step-by-step Instructions

Our BEST Marketing and Sales methods


Write Your Book, Already!

Writing Advice from a NYT Best Selling Author of 10 Books

Video instruction PLUS Helpful Templates.

A Clear Step-by-Step Framework to help make writing easier.


Learn how to record, edit, and publish your Podcast

Advice on interviewing PLUS technology.

Downloadable Templates

A simple Podcasting framework to get you started.

  • Just to let you know, per your advice, I had a client wire me 5k this afternoon while I was messing around in my woodshed... for advice. And he wouldn't let me finish my pitch! You helped. You are awesome.
    Robbie Grayson - Traitmarker.com
  • Now I have a plan and a system that helps me get more done in a few hours than I used to get done in whole, entire days before. This plan and system helps me keep things moving when life decides to dump extra challenges on me. It's simple. And it works.
    Suzanne Bird-Harris - websitesinwp.com
  • I am getting SO much from the 20-Minute Plan. In addition to the efficiency bump, I'm noticing a wonderful letting go of things that I think aren't "working." Not ignoring them, but rather putting them into perspective (and onto the list). It's helping me avoid the rabbit holes that I've previously spiraled into and also helping me to delegate. Really, a terrific toolset as I'm making the shift from my previous business (film scoring and audio post production) to my new business (meditation audio downloads). I'm starting to think that I can actually do this.
    Deon Vosov - quietself.com

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  • This stuff is magic. I had a guy drive an hour and a half out of his way on a trip from Arizona to Yellowstone just to say hi because of my emails. I had never met the guy. Last year my business was up 40% over previous year. This year it is up over last year by 30%. Thanks @chrisbrogan.
    Matt Berry - Insider
  • We can’t fake our way thru this. This is the real deal, rubber meets the road stuff. We can put it off and avoid, but eventually have to make a decision. I have become painfully aware of the gaps in my business. I will prob spend the next 3 months closing those gaps. The beauty of being here while you do it, you can stand on the shoulders of giants.
    Melissa Collins - Insider