You have lots to share with the world. Someone needs what you know, and they can benefit by the value you can create for them by teaching them how to learn a new skill, reach a next level, attain a better understanding, and beyond.

Maybe you’ve thought about delivering an online course before. Or perhaps you’ve written a book or an ebook and you’ve been wondering how to go even further and create even more value for the people you serve.

Are you tired of trading hours for dollars? Have you run out of hours, or dollars, or both? An online course is a stream of revenue waiting to happen!

Creating an Online Course Can Be So Daunting!

You’ve got the ideas, and maybe you’ve even written out some of your lessons here and there in various forms and snippets. But what about all the technology? What about pricing? Marketing? There’s a lot to it! This is why most people stop and never publish their course.

Help People. Make Money.

Your goal is to serve others. Maybe you’ll teach someone how to open a restaurant. Perhaps you’ll teach people to get out of debt. Maybe you’ll teach people how to launch a crowdfunding campaign. If you know enough to help someone else be successful, you have a chance to help others and earn money in the process.

Introducing Online Course Maker

I’m Chris Brogan. With Online Course Maker, we created a six-part framework for helping you take your project from idea to executed course. You’ll learn:

  • How to develop an idea into the building blocks of a course.

  • How to create content to deliver your ideas and teach others.

  • How to price your course for success.

  • Technology overviews and walkthroughs of everything you need.

  • Marketing and sales concepts, templates, and plans.

  • Production publishing, delivery, and execution.

You have access to three big modules of information, resources, and additional tools for you to learn from and then use to build your own course.

The information is available immediately to you on a private resource page.

Module one gives you access to information you can act on immediately. Module two is also available so that you can work through the material at your own pace.

Here's What You Get

  • Six core modules with additional videos covering other specifics

    Idea/Content/Pricing and Tech/Marketing & Sales/Production

  • Sample Project Plan

    How to move through all six phases

  • Project Map

    A visual follow-along for building out your course

  • Content Creation Template

    Walks you through building your ideas into completed material.

  • Content Delivery Plan

    Covers all the bases on ensuring you’ve done what needs doing in the content phase.

  • Tech Resources List

    There are several choices of technology to deliver a course. We give some recommendations.

  • Tech Configuration Suggestions

    How to wire all your various platforms together to deliver the finished course (don’t worry - we speak in plain and easy English).

  • A Full Project Walkthrough

    A video and a checklist to take you through the entire course again from point A to point Z, to make sure you feel comfortable with executing and creating your own course.

  • Specific Platform Walkthroughs

    We are developing a library of technology behind-the-scenes walkthroughs on the various platforms you can use to build out your online course project.

  • Additional Teaching Resources

    More ideas to help you make your course a success.

  • A Private Membership Community

    Join hundreds of other students and share/learn/cross-promote with each other.

  • Ongoing Content Upgrades

    As we add more to the course, you receive the upgrades free of charge. You’re locked in at the price you paid when you joined.

Share What You Know

Leave a legacy by teaching people what you know. Help people and earn some money in the process. I believe that there is so much untapped learning out there, and as a lifelong student, I know that I’m always on the lookout for something I might be able to learn that will improve my life and my business.

Create your online course (or courses!) and share what you know. Isn’t it time you stopped trading dollars for hours and instead earned something for the value you can deliver to others

Online Course Maker is your solution to growing your capabilities while helping the people you serve thrive! Stop denying them your best advice and wisdom. Let me help you help others today.

Upgrades are FREE!

We continue to update our courses and Online Course Maker is no exception.

Once you purchase Online Course Maker, you will receive all the new upgrades, including step-by-step technology walkthroughs.

If you’d like the resources and support required to create your own courses and a private community of allies to help you do even more, join me today!