If you’ve been wondering what it takes to start a podcast, here’s about eleven minutes of conversation with me walking you through everything from concept, to the basic technologies, to understanding your choices in where and how to host and distribute the show. This is all in plain english and walks you through the same information I use myself to get my work up and out the door.

If you end up finding it interesting, consider getting my mini course, Podcast Jumpstart, below.

That will instantly send you access to two more longer form videos, plus resource materials to help you get all your questions answered and launch your project.

94 million people a week are reached via online radio. And you don’t have a podcast why?

It’s because you’re worried about all the tech. You’re not sure where to get started. You don’t know what’s out there or how to get it going. You’re worried that it’s just another thing where you’re not sure what to talk about or how to do it. You’re not quite sure how it will bring value to your business.

Announcing Podcast Jumpstart

I’ve been podcasting on and off since 2005. I’m the co-founder of the PodCamp event series, which has run over 300 times all over the world, from Boston to Cape Town to Perth to Stockholm and beyond. I currently have two regular podcasts online, and I’m a frequent guest on other people’s shows.Sure, it’s tricky. Sure, it can feel daunting. Until someone gives you the guidance to get started and make a process work for you.

Podcast Jumpstart is a mini-course delivered to you via two sections of video. Section one covers content and section two covers tech. Want to see a little bit of what is covered?

Section 1: Content

  • Why have a show in the first place?

  • Types of guests.

  • Structures of shows.

  • Build an editorial calendar.

  • Build a content rundown.

  • How to invite potential guests.

  • Interview tricks and tips.

  • Rookie mistakes (and how to fix them).

  • Ways to amp up interaction.

  • Packaging the show.

  • Monetizing a podcast.

Section 2: Tech

  • Elements of a Podcast

  • Recording a Podcast

  • Gear

  • Editing a Podcast

  • Storing a Podcast

  • Distributing a Podcast

And of course, your questions answered.

This mini-course is the ideal way to get started. It’s delivered in video that you can watch any time from your phone, your tablet, or your computer. You can watch as often as you’d like, pause, take notes, whatever’s going to help you learn.

You’ve seen me in one video or another so you know what to expect: personable, friendly, easy-to-understand information spoken quickly by a weirdo who shaves his head for entertainment value. I don’t go slow, but I also don’t bury you in details. You’ll be able to keep up, I promise.

This mini-course is affordably priced at $100 USD and upon making your purchase, you’ll be sent a link to the videos plus the resource page I put together to accompany the information.

Podcast Jumpstart
$200 $100

2 Video Lessons

Downloadable pdf resources

What you’ll get is exactly how I put together my shows, but also ideas on what might work best for you. I demonstrate how I assemble the elements of a podcast, how I put it out, and what’s really involved in getting your own show started.