When you take ownership of your life and your business, you’re suddenly piled high with responsibility and choices. It’s up to you to find clients, to build a business that moves beyond making enough to cover your salary (if you’re even there yet) and into something you can grow.

Do you get the feeling sometimes that you’re just tripping over your own feet? Do you run out of time and find yourself cutting into your sleep, all the while feeling like you’re just falling behind even more? Are you feeling like everything’s stacked against you sometimes and there’s just no movement?

It’s time to make a change.

Run Yourself

Join me for this webinar where we’ll cover five really important level-scaling opportunities for your own growth. Wait. What the heck is “level-scaling?” (I knew you’d ask!)

I mean this: you can take these ideas and use them at the 101 level, and you can take them a little more advanced. It’s up to you.

What are the ideas? I’ll give you the segments we’ll cover in the webinar. If you want to know more, you’ll have to join me.

  • Build a Core Action practice.

  • Drive a daily prospecting run.

  • Publish a weekly solution.

  • Mastermind to grow.

  • Reset and Restart.

I can tell you this: when I’m stuck, these are my tools. When a client is stuck, this is part of where I start aiming their resources and thoughts. When someone’s starting out, all of these ideas match what will get you moving.

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Run Yourself

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