I’m a lot like you. I hear people telling me that I need this tool and that method and all these other new platforms and if I don’t do it all, I’ll be left behind! For a while, I listened. I worked on being everywhere, talking to everyone, and though I had a lot of exposure, almost none of it translated into what we both need: sales.


Marketing is Vital to Business But It’s Not Your Only Job

Like most owners, you wear a lot of hats. You have to earn the right to sell and serve more customers, but there’s lots of work to be done. You can’t devote three or four or five hours a day every day to marketing and expect to have any kind of a life or a business. But if the customers aren’t coming in, what do you do?

Marketing Has a Lot of Moving Parts But You Don’t Need Them All

One challenge is that marketing has become an overflowing buffet of options, and for the most part, the advice you’re getting out there is “take it all!” That’s not going to help you. It’ll just bog you down. So, what if there were a way to simplify it all and still get results.

My Simple Marketing System is For You

I’ve been on the cutting edge of digital and social marketing for years, and I’ve seen the waves come in and seen the tide go out. I know what works, what is a waste of time, and where you’re getting bogged down. And I can help by giving you something much more simple to manage. Simple doesn’t mean “easy,” but it’s better than what you’ve got right now, which is far too much to do and far too little benefit for all that.

Simple Marketing System - The Course

I’ve built an easy-to-consume course without all the fluff and “extras” all the wizards want you to have. You get in, learn the concepts, and then start applying them to your business. If you don’t have time to market, why would you have time to watch hundreds of hours of video? But every module has actions for you to take. This isn’t a theory course.

Want to see the curriculum?  Here’s the list of modules I cover.

  • 01 Set Your Goal (Build a Plan)

    the core of it all

  • 02 What to Quit

    time and priority management

  • 03 Draw the Map

    your approach and methods

  • 04 Account Setup

    the technical side

  • 05 Connect With Buyers

    marketing at its core

  • 06 Your Primary Site

    improve your website

  • 07 Content Marketing Simplified

    weaponized storytelling for sales

  • 08 Fast Marketing

    get in, do the work, get out

  • 09 Our Simple Launch Template

    our best tool for marketing

  • 10 Physical World Marketing

    events and other beasts

Make Your Own Simple Marketing System

The primary outcome of this course is that you’ll have a project you can implement right away and start testing. Some parts will need tweaking to match your personal situation, but you’ll have all the basics ironed out in no time. I promise that if Rob and I can do this, anyone can do this.

This Is For You

If you’re a small business (or a solo business), this is ideal. If you sell directly to customers or you sell to other businesses, these methods work and are applicable to you.

You don’t have to be a tech wizard to do most of what’s in this course. It’s made for regular people. And if you’re stuck and need tech help, we can help you find some.

  • In addition to the efficiency bump, I'm noticing a wonderful letting go of things that I think aren't "working." Not ignoring them, but rather putting them into perspective (and onto the list). It's helping me avoid the rabbit holes that I've previously spiraled into and also helping me to delegate. Really, a terrific toolset as I'm making the shift from my previous business (film scoring and audio post production) to my new business (meditation audio downloads). I'm starting to think that I can actually do this.
    Deon Vozov - quietself.com
  • I think because your classes are so basic and simple and then build on that simple foundation, they are rock solid. Not to mention, every class integrates all the other principles you are teaching, so it’s cyclical and has become a normal part of my thinking and actions. Anyway, I think learning the Owner Media material will probably be the best decision I have made for my business in a long time.
    Melissa Collins

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Once you purchase the course, you can start it at any time, pause it whenever you have to pause, and work on it when you’re ready. Never feel rushed.

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