I’ve been studying the survey results that 952 of you sent me a week ago and what I’ve been able to pull from the survey was pretty consistent. I’ll speak to the group as a whole, but tell me if this relates to you.

  • 85% of you are unhappy with either your income, your hours spent earning it, or your sense of future direction.

  • The most recurrent word used in your replies was “time” followed by “focus,” followed by a tie between “direction” and “systems.”

  • Many people pointed to their own limiting beliefs, lack of confidence, or other very personal challenges. 

  • A good lot of you don’t like sales (are afraid of, aren’t comfortable with, wish you could outsource).

Did that stack up with you at all? Are you feeling too busy to be successful?


The big problem most times is that the problem looks too big and the solution isn’t pre-made for you. We all get there. Me, too!


But I’m going to share with you one of my best tools ever, the one that turned my own company around, the one that put more wins on my board than anything else I’ve ever done before or since.


And it all hinges around 20 minutes.


Join me either LIVE or sign up to get the recording of the 20 Minute Plan, and we will work together to sketch out a project that will teach the big stuff by teaching you the small stuff. Everything I’ll cover in this 20 Minute Plan event will be something you can work with, learn, and then expand out to the size you need. But we’ll start here:

  • How to make 1-2x your mortgage every month.

  • How to align and set day/week/month targets for your time, efforts, and revenue.

  • How to launch a simple starter website and set it up for online conversions (making money).

  • How to start an email list from zero and start growing it right away.

  • How to package your offering for sale so that it earns you money and doesn’t drain you of life.

  • How to network in a way that’s mutually beneficial and grows your capabilities, even if you can’t leave the house.

  • How to use a few simple (FREE) tools to fire this all up.

I promise you that everything I teach you will be simple enough to absorb and understand but also useful enough that if you’ve already got the basics down, this will push you up to another level. This is how I run MY business, and it’s at the core of how I’ve helped thousands of people succeed with theirs.

On this one hour live video presentation (which will be recorded, if you can’t be there live), I will go over the following:

  • Mindset and Setup - how to get yourself in order so you can rock your business.

  • Use Evernote and Google Drive to power up your efforts.

  • Build a Simple Website - even if you’ve got a site, you’ll want to take notes and make changes.

  • Start a mailing list.

  • Earn some subscribers to that list.

  • Create your offering - how to package it and make it easier for people to say yes.

  • Promote your offering - marketing without being a desperate scary person.

  • How to sell online - and what most people “selling” do wrong.

  • How to assess your efforts, adjust, and grow forward.

Join Me and Thrive

My goal is to help you put more wins on the board. I built this set of simple plans so that we could all work from a common point of reference. I believe you’ll really get into this because it’s bite sized, but scalable, because it’s a way to see what you might have missed on your own, and because a lot of times, experiences like this let you shake free the missing pieces in your own puzzle.

That’s the real goal, right?

Join me for the 20 Minute Plan.

Get Instant Access, Now.

It’s going to be fun and magic!

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