A lot of people have the dream to write and publish a book. I sure did. But it took me decades to turn that into a reality. Why? Because writing is hard. Because I didn’t know what to do. Because there are a lot of hurdles to jump.

It shouldn’t have to be so hard.

Books Can Drive a Lot of Success

I’ve been very lucky with my own books. I’ve written and published eight books so far, with a ninth in the works. Some of the rewards my books have brought me:  

  • New York Times Bestseller

  • Wall Street Journal Bestseller

  • Amazon.com Best of 2009

  • USA Today Bestseller

  • 800CEORead 2009 Award winner

  • Over a thousand keynote speeches given

  • Consulting with the biggest companies in the world

All that came from writing.

Now, I can’t promise anything at all like this for you. And I can tell you that writing a book is a lot of work. That’s what lots of people don’t actually go through with it. But I know how to write a book and I know how to help you write yours. (We’re talking nonfiction books, by the way.)

Write Your Book

This program is delivered to you in four video modules with related downloadable materials. There is also a success tracking organizer called the 20mpWINS document that’s built for you to print out and track your wins on paper! (No, I know! Really!)


In this four module JUMPSTART program, you’ll work through the following:

  • Module 1 - Strategy

    • Why write a book?

    • What must a book do for you?

    • Building a larger book strategy

  • Module 2 - The Idea Stage

    • How to come up with good book ideas

    • Make a Bulletproof Table of Contents

    • Your Book Proposal (MUCH more important than you’d imagine)

  • Module 3 - Write the Book

    • How to find time to write.

    • Pacing and moving forward.

    • Editing.

  • Module 4 - Publish and Promote

    • Self Publish or Mainstream

    • A Simple Marketing Plan

    • Beyond the Book

Straightforward and Built for Your Success

The goal at Owner Media Group is to put more wins on your board. If publishing a book is something you’ve put off for a while, join us and we’ll walk you through the entire process.

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